Allergy Policy

Meatupdate Ltd.


List of Allergens


Burger buns
– Baker Street mega brioche buns: Wheat (Gluten) , Egg, Milk,
may contain traces of sesame seeds

Beef Burgers
– 084626 American style 80% beef burger: Wheat (Gluten), Metabisulphite
– Paragon steakhouse burger: Soya, Sulphur dioxide

Chicken Burgers
– Chef’’s larder American style chicken fillet: Wheat(Gluten), Milk, Soya

Vegetarian Burgers
– Moving Mountains vegetarian burger: Soya, Wheat (Gluten), Oat, Barley

Hot dog rolls
– Baker street Jumbo Hot dog roll: Wheat (Gluten), Barley,
may contain traces of sesame seeds

– Wikinger hot dogs: Celery, Milk, may contain traces of mustard

– 068669 Mayonnaise: Egg, Mustard
– 068664 BBQ sauce: Barley, Soya, Celery, Wheat(Gluten),
– 605394 Ketchup: No Allergen
– 109085 American style Mustard: Mustard
– 068658 Burger sauce: Egg, Mustard
– Cholula hot sauce: No Allergen

Gherkin slices
– Kuhne gherkin slices: Mustard

– 153102 Chef’s essential burger slices: Milk


– Olive oil: No Allergens
– Rapeseed oil: No Allergens